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      The engine on my Bavaria Holiday 35 would not start when I tries to start it today. I have started the engine each time I have been out to check her over and she usually starts without any hesitation, but today she would not even turn over. The starter battery shows to be about 90% charged, and even using jump leads to the fully charged remaining batteries wouldn’t turn the engine over. So can somebody please advise me on what to look for.

      Ed Holmes. Storm Dragon


        Hi Ed

        Sorry to read about your problem.

        Was the engine actually turning or was it ‘seized’?  I would look at the starter solenoid to check that it’s engaging, also the starter motor itself.  Has that seized up?  Check that there’s voltage across the solenoid terminals, same for the starter motor.

        Good luck!!

        Ian C


          Get someone to press the starter button whilst you put your ear close to the starter motor. If there is a distinct click then the solenoid should be OK. If there is absolutely nothing – very unlikely – then before doing anything drastic I’d advise trying a new start battery – even a cheap car one in the first instance.

          If the solenoid does click then is probably just that the starter has seized. If so it is unlikely to be a serious problem. Try to turn the engine over by hand or with a big spanner to ease things.

          But try a new battery first. Starting batteries do not like being left unused and uncharged for any length of time, especially not in the cold.


            A common problem is the connectors onto the starter solenoid.  There is a small wire with a spade connector (which comes from the relay box) on the top of the solenoid.  Take it off, clean it up, and put it back.  Then try it again.

            If not, as others have said, listen to the starter as someone else presses the button.  If there is no click from the solenoid, you may have a dead relay.

            If the solenoid is clicking, then the starter motor might be jammed, and quite often a good wack with a hammer on the casing is enough to get it going again.

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