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      As Bubble is a 2003 model (Bavaria 32) and I had some time on my hands, I decided to remove the elbow. I was shocked to see how much the diameter of the water injection hole on top of the elbow had been restricted due to build-up of something hard, like calcium in a kettle. I have a photo which would frighten anyone with a similar elbow and boat of the same vintage, but it looks like I can’t upload it using this new system.

      As I was installing a new elbow I felt up into the rubber seal which brings cooling water from the heat-exchanger to the exhaust and lodged in that was calcium ‘washer’ restricting about 3/4 of the water flow. I nearly missed that.

      I had the original Volvo water-trap in the exhaust and it looked fine but I’ve noticed a small amount of brown seawater under the trap so I’ve replaced it with a new Vetus plastic model. If it is no good the Volvo ones are still available, but I don’t like the design.


        I had a B34 (2002) and had the same thing. Interestingly though, I also had that ‘washer’, and believed it was a part of the elbow which had came away when I pulled the hose off.
        Yes, amazing how they corrode, I changed mine to a SS one, I sold the boat a year later so I don’t know how its holding up compared to the OE Volvo one. Even more scary, I left it in the shed at home, as you do! and a number of months later I came across it and it had literally split its self in half!
        I also changed the Volvo water trap/silencer because of corrosion but put an original back on.


          Why did you change back?

          The Volvo one certainly feels more substantial and it is obviously not going to melt. Perhaps quieter too?

          My original must have lasted a good 15 years before it started leaking so perhaps I should have plumped for the original.

          I’m launching tomorrow so will start to get experience of the Vetus one from then.


            I went for the original as it was a straight swap in a relatively small space- so out of ease really.
            The vetus ones get good press though

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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