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      The 2007 B37 (and others?) only has one drop leaf on the cabin table. There is no inner leaf which is annoying if not difficult when trying to get to the storage under the settee. So I decided to make a cut through the table for an extra drop down leaf to match the other side. Was I concerned I might muck it up? You bet. The get out was if the veneer was damaged to put a fiddle on the cut edge of the table. It worked well and its just about impossible to detect the mod. I would however stress that if in doubt, dont do it! A good carpenter would be able to do it.

      I made a wooden jig that clamps to the top of the table which guided my electric saw. The jig was a piece of good quality ply that not only guided the saw, but was also cut as well. i.e. about 300mm wide the full length of the table with 2 straight piece of soft wood either side to guide the saw and you cut thru the jig ply base and table top at the same time slowly. I chose a piece of ply with a bow down so that the base bore down on the table so the veneer could not lift in the middle. This is important. Its essential there is no gap between the jig ply base and table top otherwise the veneer on the cut edge will be damaged. If you have extra long arm clamps, use them. I used heavy weights on the jig and moved them away as the saw moved forward. A little downward pressure on the saw as it goes along also helps to stop the jig lifting. It was clamped at both ends securely. I found the table top edge was perfect after cutting with no lifting of the veneer. A iron on veneer from Homebase matched the veneer colour exactly.(Check availability of a matching veneer before cutting!) Dont forget to clamp some cross pieces across the table top underneath to stop the new leaf falling off as you cut.

      I now have easy access to the under settee storage area. Does it make a lot a dust – Yes.


        Great tip!

        Do you have any pictures that you can post… a before / after maybe?



          No sorry. Didn’t know it would be successful!

          Regards Keith


            I had the same difficulty understanding the logic of having only one side of the table drop down. It made moving into and around the port settee to access underseat lockers, hatch, cupboards and fan inconvenient. After reading your post, I decided to take the table out and have a local furniture maker make the cut and do the finishing. The four long table securing bugle screws came out without difficulty and the table fitted through the cabin entry with some strategic moving about. The whole project including the 8 sets of stainless hinges and even mahogany drop leaf supports cost about $300. I consider it good value. Attached are a few photos.


              Nice one Ed – quality of the work looks very good!

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