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      My wife and I purchased a new(2007) 46 from Yacht Sales West in Vancouver Canada. We are having a problem in that Yacht Sales West will only authorize warranty work if it is done by them at their yard. The factory is backing the dealer.

      Last season the rubber combing, going completly around the stern of the boat came of. I had it repaired in Sidney, British Columbia to the tune of $550.00. It would have taken me over 8 hours to take it to the dealer.

      Yacht Sales West refused to reimburse me, because I didn’t follow the rules.

      What if I had moved the boat to Los Angeles, where I live ? In my opinion I have purchased a boat without a warranty.

      I am curious if anyone has had a similar problem.

      Thank you and happy New Year to you all

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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