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      We have a 2006 Bav 39, with electronic control panel. Fuel is monitored both from the analoge gauge on the steering pedestal and from a warning light on the control panel.
      When the tank is full both gauges read empty. When the tank is empty both gauges read full. In essence the less fuel in the tank the fuller the gauge reads.
      I spoke to Clipper who think the fuel tank sender is faulty. They can supply a new one at an eye watering £227!! The existing sender has a connection on the top which takes 3 wires. Bavaria have apparently changed suppliers and the replacement gauge comes with a 6 wire loom attached, which has to be wired back to the panel. Clipper assure me that this is straightforward!!
      Given the cost and possible wiring complications i’m not sure that i want a new one – i’ve managed most of the summer by keeping an eye on the engine hours and filling up in good time.
      Any advice appreciated.


        hi had the same problem on a 2007 37 did buy new fuel sender last year and it worked for 3 months then just showed always full has taken a full year to get a replacement and lo and behold we have new fuel sender that doesnt fit wiring loom, clipper said when the new sender arrived came with the wiring loom which they promptley disposed of because they thought it was surplus to requirment.so new wiring loom will probably take another year to arrive.new gauge looks the business whether it works or not is another matter 😆


          Thanks Achilles -i’d be interested to hear how easy the wiring to teh panel is! Clipper told me the 6 wire loom came attached to the sender.
          I forgot to mention that i’ve disconnected my sender and the gauges read full. I’m not that technical but would have thought that they should read empty??


            the new sender comes in two parts joined by larger plastic connector 6 wire instead of four have not yet received wiring loom but would have thought it was easy to fit. panel is plug and play so pull through new loom leaving old one there connect tank and plug in at panel.
            i have disconected my old one gauge shows full so must be right .
            put new panel in myself clipper to busy all wires just push in so no problem
            i think diesel connector on panel looking from back of panel is on the right hand side near bottom
            hope this helps my gauge was checked by clipper is okay no power on loom full tank on gauge


              hi lazy pelican
              have received new fuel sender and now new wiring loom ,clipper sent me a wiring diagram and i found you can use existing loom and only 3 wires on sender
              if you look at old loom on sender there are six cables just doubled up into 3
              3 go to control panel 3 go to pedastel for some reason they have separated them on the new sender
              joined the cables had reading on pedastel full tank and 99% reading on panel
              hope this helps


                Hi John,

                Thanks for the info.
                I’m still not sure i need one at the price!


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