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      Does anyone know the life of the Bavaria supplied fire extinguishers before they need replacement. I can find no obvious markings on the extinguishers which would provide me with the recommended life span.


      If they’re anything like the ones mine came with, I’d chuck them out and get new ones with guages on. I would think 3 or 4 years is probably a good guess otherwise.


        Hi Ron

        Just spotted this – how did you get on? I have a B34 and had to replace mine recently. I don’t know if yours are the same but my replacements are actually too tall to fit in the normal places (nav seat, cockpit lockers). It’s only a matter of a cm or so but is enough. I appreciate Bob’s comment about the pressure gauge but, unless you can find any the same size or smaller then I’d try to get the originals refilled at a reputable place. I have looked into every nook and cranny for an appropriate fixing point for the new ones but there just ain’t anywhere suitable. 5 years should be the minimum longevity for any extinguisher supplied in UK.


          My Bav 34 2001 came with fire extinguishers fitted with pressure gauges from new and they are both still showing green after thirteen years.


            Here is the response from the official Bavaria dealer in Spain

            “The expire date you may find on the extinguisher, but normally 2 years.
            I have no idea about a service station, sorry.
            Three new ones will be about 100,-€, if you are interested we will send you a exact quote”

            I can not find any date on the extinguishers and two years appears to be a very short period to me. A poor response I feel.

            I think 4 years and then replace with ones with a pressure gauge makes sense to me, though I feel that relying on the pressure gauge after 13 years look a bit extreme.

            I understand that shaking the extinguishers every year to loosen the powder is a good idea.


              Top Tips.
              Keep an eye on the Aldi and Lidl web sites. Kidde or ANAF fire extinguishers, well known and reputable makes. 1kg BCF/powder with gauge and holder for about £6.00. Keep them a year or two then replace or use at home. At that price you can afford to? 3 Year old ex boat one works on a bar-b-que, but make a mess. 🙂

              Shake powder free every few months as it tends to settle at the base.

              Ditto with gas alarms; Aldi 12volt gas alarm £8.00 I bought 3 last time they were on sale. Easy to test with a gas lighter.

              Best regards.



                Having followed this post and as my fire extinguishers are 13 years old I decided that the risk of not replacing them was a risk too far. I found, ‘ Fire safety Supplier’, on line and they have Marine approved single handed ABC dry powder 2kg Type TY-PG2E and for the engine bay, Fireblitz, automatic ABC Dry powder 2KG Type FBA-P2.

                These appear identical to my originals, of very good quality and all have gauges fitted and the same neat black plastic trigger rather than the more vulnerable red handles that can more easily be accidentally set off. My total cost including delivery for 3 normal and 1 automatic for the engine bay was £149.73

                I took the old ones to the tip and asked the lads there if I could set them off to see if they still worked as they still showed green on the gauges. They did work but as I have never used a new one I am not sure they worked as well. However they looked impressive enough to put a fire out. My conclusion is that if your fire extinguishers have gauges and they are in the green they will work. When you replace them has to be an individual skippers decision but they are capable of working for many more years than the manufacturers guarantee.


                  As previously posted. On sale in the next week. See this link; http://www.lidl.co.uk/en/our-offers-2491.htm?action=showDetail&id=25370


                    Original style fire extinguishers Gloria P2GM can be found at Safelinks.co.uk.
                    Currently around £27 each inc vat
                    Also been advised that powder extinguishers should be shaken up every few months to stop powder going solid


                      An additional comment is to make sure that any replacement extinguishers include a hose on the outlet. This will ensure that you can quirt the extinguisher into the engine compartment access hole beneath the companionway steps. Also ensure the nozzle at the end of the hose will fit into the access hole. I cut off the hoses from my old extinguishers and reinstalled them on the new ones with a jubilee clip.

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