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      Has anyone fitted a raymarine C plotter to the binnacle and if so what ‘pod’ did you use? I have a 2002 32 but I understand the binnacle is the same size on a few models.


        Just Fitted a C70 plotter. After much thought moved the three Instruments into a pod mounted on the hand rail, purchased a new panel and mounted the C70.

        I think anything larger would be a tight squeeze


          Should have said mine is a B32 also. The pod was a bit costly but has resulted in a neay installation.


            We fit a C80 to our B31. Tight squeeze, as suggested (with some black caulking needed on the edges where it isn’t flush) but in my view totally worth it for the extra screen size. I’ve never regretted it and it looks great. If you’re interested in seeing a pic, send me your e-mail address and I’ll send one to you (I don’t know how to upload photos with this posting).

            s/v Battuta
            Vancouver, Canada


              I have a 2009 Bavaria 31 and fitted a Raymarine C80 plotter to the binnacle by adding a wooden frame about 2 inches deep and made to fit around the plotter body and just within the binnacle frame. The idea is to bring the face of the plotter away from the binnacle body sufficient to allow clearance for the C80 body and the cables at the back of the plotter. The wooden frame was sealed to the binnacle with brown silicone. This idea came to me from the Bavaria agent in Valencia Spain where I took delivery of my boat.

              Attached is a photo of the finished job.


                I’ve had a quote from Clipper Marine for a ‘spacer pod’ at a cost of £300 plus vat – just what are these people on? Ronsykes – your wood suround looks ok and is top of the list so far


                  Battuta, my email is tony@localfuels.com


                    It came to me during the night. I was musing how to form the right shape of a fibre glass pod for the plotter – how about using the inside shape of a roasting pan. While at the cash & carry for the weekend supplies for the shop I spied one (having inspected all those in the kitchen), a bright shiny alluminiun one. ‘Get it’ my wife urged, a glint showing that if it were the wrong size she would have gained yet another pan thingy. In fact an upturned roasting pan of the right size (she may gain many) would be just ideal. No doubt there will be pfotos to follow.


                      I think I’ve finally worked out the issue with uploading photos…the files were too big before so hopefully this will work.

                      Attached are 2 photos of a c80 installation from another local Bavaria – what was done here is is similar to what we have our on B31. You’ll see that it is possible to cram a C80 into the binnicle without a frame around it, but some black silicone caulking is needed on the sides where it doesn’t sit flush.

                      I’m not sure if the photos do it justice, but the installation actually looks very good (at least on our boat) and the C80 is a great step up above the C70, particularly for side-by-side plots or wide area views.



                        Battuta, has the 31 got two cockpit lockers?


                          Sorry battuta, read it againg and saw ‘another Bavaria’


                            On the new Bavs the binnacle seems to have been widened out to fill a bit more of the beam in the boat.
                            All standard pods do not fit the new width rail, so some serious mods are needed.
                            Mine was the first that Clipper have had “Upham’s” modify with a pod mount for the plotter instead of a simple “bolt on” approach.

                            I know that for some, my choice of going with a Garmin plotter is unconventional… but it is my choice as I prefer the mapping practicalities.
                            Hopefully though now, despite whatever brand you prefer there is a tested workable solution and Uphams have all the measurements etc…. should be able to knock a few ££s off of the original!


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