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      We have a new mainsail and are having difficulty fitting the foot into to the boom slot which is already occupied by the Pak-A-Main bag.
      Is there a knack to this? What am I missing?


        Is it essential that the sail fits in the groove or can it be loose footed? Many mainsails are loose footed these days, including the Elvstrom (so called Hi Tech) fully battened main on Playtime.

        I have a C&J sailcover (similar to the Pack-a-Main I guess) that fits in the groove.

        Try leaving the foot loose, connect the clew to the outhaul, put a bit of tension on the outhaul and see how it sets.



          If your new main is not of the loose foot variety (like the standard Elvestrom) then you may have a problem. To allow the bolt rope on the foot of the new main to fit the boom groove you’ll have to replace the Packaway bag with one designed to fit around the bolt rope, so that the bag and bolt rope fit into the groove together ( the packaway cover fits snugly around the bolt rope and they both then slide into the groove). Roger’s suggestion of setting up the new sail ‘loose footed’ may well work; worth a try before going to the expense of a new packaway cover.

          Good luck…..

          Ian Culley
          Another Fantasy


            On our Bavaria 31, when we replaced our standard mainsail cover with a “Stack Pack” from Owen Sails, we found that the only way to get the sail into the groove was to slide the sail and stack-pack into the groove at the same time. The sail wouldn’t slide in with the stack pack already in the groove. You could also spray some silicone lubricant in the groove, just to give it every chance.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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