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      I am considering how to mount a flat screen TV. I have purchased an LED ultra slim television. It is quite light but the mounting seems to consist of 4 screw holes in a rectangular pattern – I think this is normal for domestic TV’s – but the bolt size is only 4mm. This seems a bit small to me – good for a domestic environment but maybe a bit small to support the TV in a rough sea.

      I have looked at wall mounts but these seem just to effectively hang the TV from a rail and not to solidly bolt it in place. I am considering having a plate solidly fixed to the back of the TV and then solidly mounted that plate to a bulkhead.

      Has anyone done this themselves or know how it is done professionally?


        Hi Paul,
        We have a 15″ LCD TV fixed to the forward saloon bulkhead in our Bavaria 33. I used a standard fixed wall bracket with the 4 bolts and the TV has stayed put despite motoring in to a steep F7 Solent chop. How big is your TV? If it is a lot heavier there may be more of a problem.
        Best regards,


          It is a 27 inch LED ultra slim TV and seen really light.

          There seem to be a very large selection of mounts available but must seem to be to hang the TV from or to slide it on and I am looking for something that effectively bolts the TV solidly to the mount so it can’t slide or tilt.


            Mine hangs on the bracket but then there is a large locking bolt to hold it solidly. It seems to work fine.


              I made a cardboard template of the position of the 4 holes in the back of the televisiom, drilled holes straight through bulkhead into front cabin and screwed the television straight onto it with washers under the round screw heads. Still their after F7. so don’t think it is going to shift. Hope this helps.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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