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      I have a 1998 Bavaria Holiday 35, and would like to know how tight the forestay tension needs to be, but I have a furling genoa, so maybe someone can advise how much it should move for and aft when pressure is put on by hand, or maybe it shouldn’t move much at all, and is there such a thing as a tensioning device that could be fitted instead of the the 2 pieces of stainless steel which fit between the fitting on the bottom of the furling gear and the fixing point on the deck of the boat, and the distance between these points is 150mm centre to centre.


        Have you got a backstay adjuster?


          Yes I have a backstay adjuster, but as I have Inmast reefing I am worried that if I use the back stay tensioner it might bend the rod inside the mast that the sail luff slides into, plus it’s quite a thick mast, not a Seldon mast


          The genoa should be cut to take account of a degree of sag in the luff, so pulling it tighter than that will just flatten the front of the sail and push the draft further aft, making your pointing worse.

          I would suggest that you want it just tight enough so that it doesn’t “pant” going into a chop, but certainly not so tight as it rips the shroud plates out.

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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