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      My fresh water pump on Wavedancer a 2005 B36 is leaking, I have taken it off and re assembled the unit but it still leaks. I am having some trouble finding a replacement Shurflo, model 2095 423 243 and am now considering a Jabsco replacement, if there is one. They seem a lot less expensive than a Shurflo. Anyone had this problem or replaced their pump?

      Keith & Carole Wavedancer.


        I replaced my Shurflo pump on my 36 18 months with another one that was a slightly different product number but exactly the same size.
        Unfortunately the pump is on the boat obviously and I am at home so I can’t give you the Shurflow part number.
        I bought it through Marinestore on line and their part number ref was PL22947 according to my receipt and it cost £86.95



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          Cheers Jim


            Jim, Rick,

            Many thanks will get on to marinestore and leisure accesseries.

            Regards, Keith.


              I had this problem and solved it with a new diaphram. £24 from the local chandler and a couple of hours to fit. Try this before wasting money on a new pump.


                Dear all,

                Many thanks for the advice, in the end I replaced it with a jabsco. If you do this the model is 31395-0392 2.9 WPS this runs at 40 psi the old one is 30psi so watch the connections.

                Thanks, keith.

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