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      Our fridge is intermittent in its working, sometimes it does and sometimes not. I suspect the thermostat.

      Could someone please explain how it works and is it worth repair or just change the unit, I suspect its a fan blowing air onto a cooling plate??

      We always give it help on arrival by putting ice in there but even with it on high there is little cooling.

      Thanks in Advance

      Sa Punta


        Possibly also running a little low on refrigerant?


          Derek. It is most likely the thermostat £4.99 on ebay. They get stuck open or closed, its quite a common problem. The stat has a thermocouple that needs to be threaded through cooler matrix. There are normally three pins but from memory you only use two of them. At room temperature and the new stat turned down it will be the two that show continuity. Again from memory they may even be marked the same as the old stat. In which case its just a straight swap. A good tip is to add insulation to the bottom of the fridge on the outside, something like two inches of Kingspan foil backed foam from B&Q. This will help the fridge a lot and reduce the running time per hour. Also look at where the compressor fan and matrix are. Is it well ventilated? Would a small computer fan help bring in cooler air? Both these mods and extra insulation have brought our run time down to 5-6 mins every hour in the summer. And our ice for the G&T’s stays frozen a few days, which is of course the most important thing 🙂

          Hope this helps


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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