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      On Wave Dancer our Bevaria 36 I have always had trouble with the fuel sender unit in fact it has never worked the boat is a 2003 model has anyone had the same problem. The other bit of bad luck involves the paddle wheel unit that has broken in the middle and I cannot get the section left in the truncking out until we slip. Again has anyone else had this problem, Raymarine help line were not much good on this one.


        I don’t know if you have the blank insert available, but if you have, could you use it to push the broken part right through and out the bottom? If you try this it would be advisable to make sure the O ring is in place and to lubricate the whole thing with teflon white grease or similar.




          Many thanks, I thought about this but did not know whether the flaps in the trunking that I think are suposed to reduce the water flow comming in when you remove the unit, would be in the way. I thoink I am going to have to give it a go as when I am lifted out the strops could well damage the the flaps and I will need totaly new unit not just the impeller.

          Keith and Carole.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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