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      We have contaminated fuel, which i’m presently ‘managing’ by changing the filters every 10-15 hrs, but the long term solution has to be to clean the tank.
      Ours is a B39 2006, with moulded plastic tank & no access hatches.
      Has anyone retro-fitted access hatches (i think at least 2 will be needed)? If so how easy was it and did the internal baffles interfere?
      Any advice welcome.



        Hi John,

        I have a Bavaria 34 which we have had from new in 2001. This has a moulded plastic tank and the forward inboard end of the tank is the lowest point. We had to remove water from our tank and did so by removing the fuel gauge, which leaves about a 50 mm hole to work through. We used the vacum pump that we use to drain oil from the engine. By fixing the suction tube to a long metal rod you can locate the lowest corner of the tank and simply suck out any water and dirt that has accumulated in the tank. It was a simple process and all water was removed till we were drawing clean fuel. make sure you don’t stir the water and fuel together or attempt the work after a rough passage. the whole job only took an hour.
        Have a look at your tank and see if it has a low point.
        Best of luck.


          Hi John

          If it’s the bug you have you must clean out the tank fully any traces and you will be back to square one. Try these lot http://www.tek-tanks.com/

          I use white diesel now for all the cost difference the problem with red diesel is the marina does not have a high turn over of usage then its lying a whilst and this is not good.



            Saloma, How easy is to remove the fuel guage? is there a danger of dropping screws etc into the tank? I seem to remember one boat I had when one had to twist the fitting and remove from a slot in the tank.


              You Can Remove the fixing screws before you disturb the fuel gauge. When you are lifting the fuel gauge out it needs care as it can get caught and gives the impression that it is too big to come through the hole, but get close and you will see the best way to manouver it through.
              Going to my boat in Brittany so will not be on the forum until after 12th June.
              Good luck.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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