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      We have just replaced all the fuel lines in our B34. We had air entering from a breaking line. We took the fuel lines off the tank to get them made up but forgot to mark the feed and return tank outlets. . There are 4 pipe outlets on the top of the tank along the forward edge facing towards the bow moving inwards. The outer one is not connected, the second one in is attached to the heater, there is a third (which we think is the feed) and the fourth is furthest in on the tank corner. We have tried blowing down both 3 and 4 and we hear bubbles so the return isn’t shorter in any way. Does it matter which way round we fit them? Are the feed and return the same length anyway? We have connected the feed to 3 and the return to 4 and it seems to work but will we have problems as the tank empties and boat rocks badly. Any suggestions?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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