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      The fuel tank connections on my (B32 2003) do not look very strong and simply a push fit into the tank, there is also a plastictic tube joining up two spare plugs. Anyone have experience of these?


        Mike, Did you get any further with this? I have a B39 and all the connections are leaking when I have a fairly full tank and the rubber “grommets” have gone soft and flexible and need replacing. Without cutting an access hatch (In my case a second hatch) they can’t be replaced with a “proper” fitting so I have to get new grommets.

        Clipper say they can source the replacement assembly, including the pipe for the fuel take-off but aren’t sure about the heater take off as it was not a Bavaria fitting but a dealer fit option. If you have found a better solution I’d be interested.


          I think the best option is to go for Clipper replacement. Research has found no supply of connections complete with down pipes apart from Webasto heater connections ( inlet probably not enough Dia. ).

          Would still like confirmation as to the flimsey looking originals , are they pushfit???????????


            [attachment=3:1a4o3kys]IMG_2312 (Small).jpg[/attachment:1a4o3kys]I think I have found a way of posting some Pics of the fuel connections. Does anyone know if the spare connections have a tube to the tank bottom?


              Well done on the pics!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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