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      Had my Bav 30 for 3 years but never worked out how economical the engine is (fuelwise).. Never been far enough solely under engine.

      It is a 2006 model with the Volvo 2020.

      I have some very long trips planned for this year and am considering a couple of jerry cans in case we are under engine for longer than we would want.

      Anyone help?




        Hi Dek,

        I have a 2007 Bavaria 30 with a Volvo D1-20 (18HP) engine, I would imagne they are similar regarding fuel consumption.

        At cruising speed, 5kts (approx 2300 rpm), we get about 1.5l per hour. Its never any more than that and could be slightly less but for passage planning I always use 1.5l/hr and it seems to reflect consumption accurately enough across a broad range of sea state and wind we encounter.

        Hope that helps.



          many thanks, just started to look closely at mine and that seems to match my early calculations.



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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