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      My first time with a fully battened main. In light winds bearing up too far to windward, the battens go into an S shape and I have to bear off a lot to get the main to reset. Is this a normal fully batterned fault or perhaps the battens are too long and need shortening?.


        This is perfectly normal.
        Same thing happens on my 36 in light winds and can be overcome with a tug on the boom normally as learnt from my dinghy sailing days.
        Alternatively you could slacken them off a bit so they are not under as much tension and that should stop them going into the s shape however I prefer to keep tension on mine as it improves the sail shape and airflow across the sail.


          Thanks Rick. At least I’m not doing anything wrong. Prefer unbattened! I can get closer to the wind on previous boats with all the tweaks I’ve learnt. A lot obviously depends on other design factors, so perhaps fully battened doesn’t suit my 37 and the modern chunky designs.


            An upgrade to stiffer (carbon, tubular) batons should also help prevent this and maintain the sailshape. This is something I’m considering down the road for our Bavaria 31…

            s/v Battuta
            Vancouver, Canada

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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