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      Hi All, having looked at all those mobile phones my Children/grandchildren use, i thought i would also move into 2012 with lots of APPS, you know the ones AIS,TIDE PREDICTIONS , BLA BLA BLA. Well i did it and OH DEAR! firstly i spent forever trying to get around sliding my finger sideways to answer the call, Anyway there it is, all lit up with lots of i thought useful apps.

      The thing is next to useless if you expect to maintain a charged phone for more than a day. Using it with gloves on just is impossible. Do not throw away your old phone if you expect to go off sailing for more than few days. Yes i know all about carrying chargers etc. You then end up with the phone in your pocket,the chargers left on the boat, AND THE BLOODY CAR KEYS WHO KNOWS WHERE.

      Im just getting too old for all this tech! just going sailing and sod um all .


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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