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      Hi folks.
      If you are running Garmin systems on your boat; there were some major updates issued on 30th March 2015, these add functions, yes add functions to the system! Apparently also cures some bugs.
      If your system has SD card you can get the update and “how to” here;
      Cut and paste the line above in to your web browser bar if the link does not work or go to Garmin site and search for support/updates.
      Well worth doing, we got some extra features to our Radar and Chartplotter.
      Hope this of use.

      Best regards.
      Ant and Cid


        Another update added 1June



          Hi folks.
          I have an SD card with the latest software loaded for the Garmin 820.
          I also have the .GPX file for all the 2015 Solent race marks (you can use “easy gps” to load these up to your Garmin)
          To upload the software you simply turn on the plotter then put the card in. You then follow the on screen instructions.

          If these would be of use to you let me know and we can meet up and I will help you load it. Or I can post you the card (and you post it back 😆 ) with instructions.

          Without the updates you may find the 820 freezes or will not track the curser. It also fixes a number of radar bugs. There are some extra windows and features to the 820 plotter, the auto pilot and the wind, speed and GPS functions.

          If any of these are of use let me know.

          Best regards.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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