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      We are thinling of fitting gateways on the boat to make it easier to get on and off. Has anyone fitted a gateway to their boat? Where can one get the gateway stanchions? Has anyone got any ideas about the fixing and problems that may arise?


        Hi Chris,
        We looked into it this year but have not yet gone ahead as yet due to time and costs.

        The information I can offer you is that everything stainless steel is available from Clipper Marine for about £600 although I can’t remember if that included the VAT. You need four gates and six stanchion bases (you use two original bases) and need to have access to the underside of the deck joint to tighten up the fixing screws.

        Stanchion gates are also avaiable from Seascrew and if you don’t mind different bases, they can supply bases for the gates at about half the price of the original. SEE HERE

        Plastimo also supply gates but I couldn’t find suitable looking bases.

        You also need to factor in the cost of the guardwires and shackles, I was quoted £600 to replace the guardwires and make gatewires for our Bav42.

        If I had the time I would do the job myself as it isn’t hard, just time consuming. If I made up my own guardwires, fitted seascrew gates and bases I think the whole job would cost around the £1k mark.

        Hope this helps,


          Hi Chaps, all you need is pelican fittings , cut off the existing eyes from the safety lines, take to your local rigger with all the bits cut off, and ask him to fit pelican clips on the ends. Its important to get the length correct, although you do have some adjustment. Jerry the rigger did mine whilst i waited, and all for well under £100.

          ring me if you need more info etc

          rgds Ray


            sorry i forgot my tel number 07931 736 582



              Silly I know but just bought boat and purchased short steps to go on pontoon for any unfit guest passengers who can’t climb up from pontoon. Steps Argos £10, perhaps long term a nice gate would be the ticket, anyhow there is alwaysthe bathing platform if you moor sturn to! or if fit a hand stand flick!!!


                Not quitegateway! But I have my eyes on nice stainless clip over steps which pass over toe rail and abut hull on lowstep end.I saw one on boat and think they would make a perfect step on from either starboard or port. guess they can be stored on board but beware of affect on compass errors. Chandlers selling for about£45 😛


                  Why not try a ‘Fenda-Step’…..very simple and effective and won’t damage your gelcoat.

                  Ian Culley
                  B32 Another Fantasy

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