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      Just like to say G’day from Australia. I have left a post with my boat details in the Bavaria Ocean 40 thread.

      Fair winds,



        Hi Graham from Nashira

        Good to hear from you from Down Under. Are you sailing in Tasmania? I have also got a Bav.Ocean. They are great boats. I sail around the Solent area with my partner David and we have a lot of great rallies. Are there many other Bavaria owners in Tasmania for you all to get together sometimes?

        I am the editor of the Bavaria Owners Magazine and hope that you have received the Autumn edition. Let me know if you havent and I will get one off to you.

        I am always on the lookout for articles on new and interesting places where our members are sailing. Would you like to write a few words about your sailing experiences or cruising grounds? If so, you can email me directly on newsletter@bavariaowners.co.uk and I would love to hear from you.

        Happy sailing
        Crid – editor, BOA magazine.



          Yes we sail in Tasmania. We are in a small fishing village – or at least what used to be a fishing village about 30 km from Hobart. The crusing grounds in this area are just fantastic – especially comming up to summer. Unfortunately I am currnetly in dear old Blighty but will be returning home at the end of this month. I will endevour to perhaps put something together for you as time goes by.
          The news letter is really good, a very enjoyable read.

          Thanks and regards,




            I hadn’t connected you to the Tasmanian member when you responded to my diesel engine problem. Glad I am no longer the only Australian member. This is a great association and the members are very helpful.
            Let me know if you are ever sailing up the east coast and coming in to Port Stephens just North of Newcastle.
            I doubt I will ever go the Tas as I havn’t got a heater.

            Be in touch



              Don’t need heaters this week – 25 – 30 deg, but strong NE’lys. Great for down wind sailing, but hard beating home.

              Thanks for the offer – let me know how you go with your engine problem.



                Hi to all the BOA members ‘down under’. Hope you are all well and enjoying a good season. I thought you might be interested to know that in October 1979 I flew the British Airways hot-air balloon from the Glenorchy Showground across the suburbs of Hobart, landing on the Domain near Government House. The flight was filmed by a local TV station, Channel 7. Were any of you around then…. I know it’s a long time ago now! At the time it was the first flight of a hot-air balloon in Tasmania, I imagine they’re more common now.

                Best regards to all

                Ian Culley/ B32 Another Fantasy

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