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      I want to replace the acrylic in 2 or 3 of the GEBO opening ports on my B38 Ocean as they are crazing and look unsightly. Gebo will only supply a whole new port. I know of 2 places in the West Country that will make these at around £80 for 4 but they do not have the 10mm acrylic and tint needed in stock. Neither will commit to purchasing a whole sheet for my 4 window requirement at around £400 as they won’t use a whole sheet, so they say.

      Watching the “One Show” the other night (sad I know) there was an article on the negotiating power of a number of people after the same product.

      So my ask is………………..

      My boat is 1999 and given the number of GEBO opening ports on the Bavaria’s out there of around that vintage does anyone else want to join me in this endeavour. I’ll happliy pay £100 for 1/4 of a sheet as I’m confident that in time it will be used as I replace other windows / hatches. So I guess I’m looking for 3 or more like minded individuals.

      I haven’t firmed up on supplier or prices yet so if anyone knows of a source that would be helpful.

      Anyone interested or know of an existing company that has provided them with a new acrylic replacement please let me know.



        Try Hadlow Marine Services


        Last Chance B38


          Thanks Lastchance, interesting website. Have you used their Greygate G5 polish and paste with good results.

          When I priced the replacement acrlyic they turned out to be quite expensive at around £40 / window. For anyone in the West Country I have now sourced 4 replacement acrylic windows at £24 each. This was from “NU Signs”, Mutley Plain, Plymouth. Hurry though as he did not have a great deal of 10mm tinted acrylic left.



            @ONAWAY wrote:

            replacement acrylic windows at £24 each.

            That sounds GREAT value!
            Were they cut to size and drilled etc?


              Yes. All in but the tint is not identical.

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