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      We have a 2007 Bavaria 33 yacht, but I am sure this post applies to many Bavarias. We have a pervading odour which affects food, clothes, towels etc that are left on the boat. It is not particularly pleasant, but is not diesel or a heads smell. It has been there since we got the boat new, but it is getting worse if anything. Does anyone have any idea what it might be or how to combat it? It is very obvious when we first open the boat up until you get air though the hatches.
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        Hi, have you thought about fitting a solar powered air vent to replace the existing fixed variety, as I have found they also help to stop condensation as well


          This is a new one on me I assume your have checked the Bridges for old stagnant water!



            I used to get the “boat” smell too. I replaced the dorade vent on the coachroof with a solar vent (set to extract), and I also leave a few of the hatches on vent to encourage air circulation. It has completely got rid of said smell, and also helps massively with condensation and I have no “black spot” on the ceiling in the spring any more. Also worth checking that the bilges are completely dry, and if you are in a marina, try putting a dehumidifier in the boat, with the drain going down the sink.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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