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      We’re new to the BOA as expectant parents of a bouncing baby B31, due to arrive this spring. One thing I’m still trying to decide is whether to rig our boat with the port and starboard line “German Mainsheet” system (it will be set up for this possibility and will include aft winches), or with a single standard mainsheet approach cleated on the cabintop. I’d love to hear any comments on the pros & cons of the dual line system and what other BOA members have on their boats and why. Thanks in advance!

      Riyad (Vancouver, Canada)


        We have a Bavaria 34 which we have sailed extensively since 2002. Before the Bavaria i used to race an Impala and when we ordered the Bavaria i was concerned that i would not be able to dump the main which you have to do so often on a racing boat. I soon learned that as we now only use the boat for cruising, providing you reef at the correct wind speed the boat sails faster, nice and level and the rudder is deep enough to stop her from rounding up. I have given up my desire to modify the standard system cleated on the coachroof but i would want to modify it if i was going to race the boat or sail in a good breeze with a spinnaker. If you can get the mainsheet back to the helm at a reasonable cost i would do it, the more control you can have the better.


          Thanks Alan – your perspective and sage words were very helpful and I’m thinking we’ll go with this system and see what it’s like. I’d still love to hear any positive or negative comments from people who actually have this set-up on their Bavarias though. Anybody else want to jump into the conversation?



            Hi There

            We have the conventional system on our 2006 B33. I did look at the new system with interest but was concerned that there is yet another trip line when going forward.

            I (My wife actually) was very concerned when I was not able to control the Main from the wheel but like others, I find it unusual to have to do that in a hurry. If it does happen, it normally means we were over canvassed anyway and as you will find out, Bavs don’t sail well like that.

            What I do though is keep the jammer open and have a single wrap around the winch and into the jammer part of the self-tailer. I leave a bit of slack and then take the sheet back round the winch the wrong way and have it hooked over the Morse-Control at the wheel. That way if I have to dump it in a hurry a simple tug of the sheet will take it off the winch and release it. Hope it makes sense.



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