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      We have a B32, now four years old, and find one of the worst little jobs, after the non draining shower, is getting to the impeller to clean it. We have to do this regularly because our moorings have a very slow water flow.
      Having to lift both bunk bases and the matresses duvets etc., empty the locker, to get the base floor board out to get to the offending instrument is uncomfortable and a complete pain.
      My proposed solution is to cut the floor board just off the centre line(fore to aft).
      This will allow access by only having to move one side and also half the locker can stay as it is.
      Any comments?
      andy krasun


        if you think the 32 is a problem you should try the 37 its like climbing into the grand canyon and thats after moveing all the kit did think about cutting watertight access panel into the front panel to get access but dont know if it would weeken ths bulkhead



          Hi Andy, We made a couple of mods to the bunk bases and floor, and they work really well. We cut both the bunk base infill boards across from side to side level with the bulkhead at the front of the rearmost compartment (the one with the impellor in it). We attached a couple of battens either side of the bulkhead, and level with the top to make a wider plateform for the infill boards to sit on.

          We then cut the lower floor board exactly in half front to back, through the finger hole. All this makes access really easy, as we now just fold the matress forward, lift the short piece of infill board, throw whatever is in the locker across to the other side, and lift half the floor out.



            Many thanks…andy

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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