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      Had hoped to get Destiny to the Med soon via the French Canals. But with a reported minimum water level from Paris to Chalon of 1.8 m, and we draw 1.95 it looks out, so the long way round appears the only alternative.

      Has anyone done this journey in a Bavaria??


        Hi Peter. I thought about this also, where did you get this onfo from? could you let me know where this info can be downloaded. I draw 1.8m but would want to empty the yacht.

        rgds Ray


          Take a spade and a scuba kit – anecdotal remarks on scuttlebit suggest that 1.8m is “at best”!


            I have sailed my boat Storm Dragon to the Mediterranean twice via Biscay, the first time with Rally Portugal, then the second time alone, and thoroughly enjoyed both trips which took just over 4 days from Plymouth to Bayona, then day sail down the coast of Portugal and Spain via Gibraltar.

            Ed Holmes

            Storm Dragon Holiday 35


              Would like to do this at. Some stage in next year or so but not through the canals U need a lifting keel or small boat Cheers Andrew savage


                Hi all

                I don’t know if this is any help but we bought our B34 at the end of last year from a family who had cruised extensively from their base in the Channel Islands over a period of 10 years. Whilst looking through all the waypoints they’d put in the Plotter (fitted in 2001), there were loads following a route through the middle of France via the Rhone down to the Med. The boat draws 1.85m so either a) she managed to get down there safely, or b) someone was daydreaming and plotting a wishlist. I have no idea which it is but if you’re interested, I can jot down and pass on some of the Lat/Longs to possibly identify a canal. My feeling is that they did manage it as the plotter does not have any canals charted but there are rough blue lines for major rivers.




                  Something we are planning for next year.
                  Read a very good article about a couple who day sailed the long way round and really enjoyed themselves.
                  There are many interesting places to visit too


                    We sailed our Bavaria 42 (2004) from Loch Creran (just North of Oban) to Gouvia (Corfu) This summer, via Gibralter. We left left in May and arrived in August. A long fairly exhausting trip with many great experiences on the way. We were reasonably cautious with weather forecasts, but, when caught in strong winds and large swell the boat performed well.
                    Yacht “Miss You”

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