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      Has anyone upgraded the hatch locks on their Bavaria?
      We have just bought a B32 and, to my mind, the hatch lock is a bit flimsy. It looks as though a good kick would get you into the boat – not good when the engine has a no seperate key. Although we will be mooring the boat mid-river, where you need a dinghy to get to it, I’d be interested if anyone has any recommendations for more secure locks!



        Hi, i have to agree about the flimsy hatch lock, on my boat STORM DRAGON, was left in the Med for 2 winters and to make the boat secure i drilled a 22mm dia hole in the hatch immediately above the strong eye, then inserted a 20mm dia length of stainless steel,which went through the hatch and was long enough to go well into the strong eye, with 2 holes to fit a padlock as tight as poss to the underside of the hatch, which made it almost impossible to gain access without doing serious damage….I have wired the ignition switch so starting the engine is impossible without turning on the instruments on the binnacle…..hope this helps Ed Holmes


          Run that by me again Ed 😯


            in order to prevent anybody inserting a lever between the top of the washboard and the underside of the hatch and gaining access to the boat, I drilled a 22mm dia hole in the hatch immediately above the strong point for clipping onto, then I inserted a length of 20mm stainless steel tube which was long enough to pertrude above the hatch by 75mm and go down through the strong point, then i drilled 2 holes in the tube as tight as possible to the underside of the hatch and fitted a padlock through the holes, which prevents the tube being raised. therefore access to the boat can only be done by unlocking the padlock or cutting through the tube, which i believe will put off most thieves….hope this clarifies what i did….ed holmes STORM DRAGON


              Thanks for the suggestion, Storm Dragon – but I don’t think it will work on my B32.
              The hatch cover does not protrude enough beyond the washboard – and the strong point is a vertical U Bolt – not suitable for the tube to go through.
              I liked your idea – simple and inexpensive – but I’m still looking for something else!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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