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      Hi Folks, I see from the forum that a few have installed a diesel heater aft of the equipment locker.

      Wondering how the outlet air duct was routed to the boat main saloon?

      Thanks, Andy

      B30 2007



        Mine is a B32 2007 so probably not quite the same layout.

        The Eberspacher unit is right at the back of the cockpit locker venting out on the starboard side. I have to check that a fender isn’t in the way but otherwise it is fine.

        There are three outlets:

        (1) the aft cabin, which has controllable vanes – this  cabin gets very warm quite quickly.

        (2) the main saloon – has a larger outlet without controllable vanes. It gets the large main saloon reasonably warm after 10-15 minutes. The outlet is on the port side, in the middle of the vertical ply under the port settee.

        (3) the front cabin – same outlet as (1). Very little heat reaches this far from the stern. Is it worth having the outlet? Marginally, perhaps.

        There is no outlet in the Heads, which I regret when cruising but if there were an outlet there then there would be even less heat to go round.

        I have wrapped insulation around all the pipes from the aft cabin onwards but can’t detect much difference. It is particularly important, of course, to insulate well where the heat pipe runs under the fridge compartment!

        Mine is not perfect solution to the heating issue but it works well enough and it totally transforms the experience of being aboard in the cold.

        Be careful if you drill the fuel tank to fit the draw-off pipe. Avoid at all costs (though this is difficult to achieve) getting swarf in the tank.


          Thank you Jonathan.

          I’m guessing the air duct runs from the heater under the aft cabin bunk in parallel with the engine exhaust and bilge pump outlet pipes?



            hello All, i overhauled my heater (B32) last winter, added a few modifications that i would recommend;

            1. i added a plastic water trap box between the cold air intakes and heater cold air inlet, this should hopefully prevent any water entering from the two intake lovres in the stern walk way, admittingly it would take a very large stern wave to get in, however the cheapo addition of a bulkhead mounted plastic converted ‘ sandwich box’ gives peace of mind.

            2. i have insulated all the output pipes throughout their travels from the heater, cheap rolls of tinfoiled bubble wrap ( from screwfix or Wickes) secured with aluminium tape is a chap and effective method. The difference in temperature especially forward cabin is noticeable.

            rgds dave

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