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      I’ve just joined the BOA, just registered on the forum and dropped in for the first time. Thought I would just say “hello”.

      The first thing I discovered after registering and reading the first post is that I should have registered with my boat name as my username. Not the best place to put that information! Anyway, too late now.

      Right at this moment, I’m a soon-to-be Bavaria owner: we hope to do the handover later this week, when I will become the proud owner of Tickety Boo (there’s another reason for not using the boat name as my username), a 2006 Bav 30 Cruiser. She’s currently lying at Neyland 8Milford Haven), but we will be moving her up to Portishead in the next few weeks.

      I look forward to joining in the discussions here.



        Welcome to the BOA Forum.
        Don’t worry about your username. You are not the first to fall foul of that!
        We have a regular poster here who up until recently had a Bav 30.
        He is most likely to give you any advice you need, and by chance his name is Paul as well!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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