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      my Bav 34 200o boat sterring ajustment, when turn to starboard i get a full 30% on the helm , but when i turn to port only 20% how do i ajust i had the rudder dropped in the winter and i fell not ajusted prperly





        It sounds to me that the blade was not put back on the spindle centrally?
        I do not know of any adjustment….. will it need to come back off?


          Hi Rod,

          You might be able to loosen the quadrant on the stock and adjust it. If you get someone to turn the wheel while you look at the movement of the quadrant that’ll tell you what’s heppening. With the rudder central, you will see if the quadrant is off to one side.

          I had to adjust my quadrant after it came loose and jammed when manoeuvring in Rhu the weekend after we brought the boat up from Liverpool. What fun I had pontoon-bashing!



            Have you checked if the rudder is reaching the stops on the quadrant on both port and starboard full lock?

            If it is then the rudder is not centralised on the shaft. This can be adjusted by loosening the quadrant on the shaft and moving it round to the central position.

            If the rudder is not reaching the quadrant end stops both sides then the rudder may be catching on the hull on one side. This can happen if the rudder (shaft) is set too high. The rudder can be lowered to correct this by undoing the top nut a turn or two (but be careful not to undo too much or the rudder will drop!). Also remember to re-tighten the locking arrangement (usually a grub screw or equivalent).

            Of the two possibilities, the first is the most likely; I think you would know if the rudder was hitting the hull.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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