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      Hi all. I am going to write an article for the BOA on breakdowns and failures, and how to fix them. I will publish it on this forum too. I would like some help compiling the statistics/information. To this end could I ask you take 5 mins to look at the information below and briefly tell what has failed or been a problem on your boat. The list below does not cover everything but covers most of the things we know about or are sometimes an issue or not. Once I have done this I am hoping to produce some logic/process charts to help Bavaria owners fault diagnose problems and repair them, or point them in the right direction to maintain their boat to prevent things becoming an issue. I will cover rigging sails and possibly electronics an in another survey. Could you just post the number and the letter(s) I will be able to take the data and run it through. EG (1) a b f g. (2) a f g, and so on. I do not believe that anything like this has been done before for any make of boat it could be really helpful to all Bavaria owners.
      Many thanks. Ant

      (1) Water ingress (fresh)
      a. Leaking port-light
      b. Leaking window (fixed)
      c. Leaking stanchion(s)
      d. Leaking hatch
      e. Leaking deck fitting (structural)
      f. Leaking chain plates
      g. Leaking cable gland
      h. Leaking toe rail
      i. Leaking fresh water pump (domestic)
      j. Leaking hot water pipes
      k. Leaking cold water pipes
      l. Leaking calorifier (hot water tank)
      m. Shower tray or pipework
      n. Sink or pipework
      o. Other (please specify)
      (2) Water ingress (salt)
      a. Shaft water seal (shaft drive)
      b. Bellows gasket (sail drive)
      c. Through hull fitting (below the water line)
      d. Raw water pump (gasket/plate)
      e. Raw water pump (seals)
      f. Raw water anti syphon valve (leaks to engine bay)
      g. Raw water anti syphon valve (leaks into engine)
      h. Keel bolts
      i. Exhaust leaking (Volvo type exhaust)
      j. Rudder stock or bearing
      k. Other (please specify)
      (3) Engine not starting
      a. Battery flat (or battery problem)
      b. Starter jammed
      c. Starter solenoid failed
      d. Starter solenoid activation cable corroded
      e. Run out of diesel
      f. Air in diesel
      g. Heaters (glow plugs) not working
      h. Fuse failure
      i. Relay failure
      j. Injection pump solenoid failed
      (4) Engine running poorly
      a. Air in diesel
      b. Water in diesel (filler cap O ring perished)
      c. Water in diesel (bad fuel)
      d. Water in diesel (condensation)
      e. Blocked filters (diesel bug)
      f. Air in diesel lines (Leak on vacuum side)
      g. Air in diesel (Fuel pump diaphragm hole)
      h. Lack of Diesel (Tap blocked by debris)
      i. Lack of Diesel (other) please specify.
      j. Poor combustion (clogged air filter/s)
      k. Poor combustion (clogged exhaust elbow)
      l. Poor combustion (timing or pump)
      m. Poor combustion (injectors)
      n. Poor combustion (valves or compression)
      o. Poor combustion (other) please specify
      (5) Over heating
      a. Blocked drive leg or water inlet
      b. Blocked raw water filter
      c. Blocked pump or pipework
      d. Blocked heat exchanger
      e. Blocked injection elbow (water inlet not exhaust)
      f. Blocked heat exchanger (fresh water matrix)
      g. Faulty thermostat
      h. Header tank too low
      i. Air locks to fresh water cooling
      j. Sludge or constricted water galleries
      k. Heat exchanger leaks to salt water side (blows water out header tank)
      l. Overheating other (please specify).
      (6) Gearbox problems
      a. Failure will not drive
      b. Failure will not come out of drive
      c. Difficult to engage
      d. Difficult to disengage
      e. Dog clutch or drive plate failed
      f. Other (please specify)
      (7) Shaft drive
      a. Poor alignment (or keeps going out of alignment)
      b. Shaft seal failure (not leaking)
      c. Drive shaft coupling (shear pin or bolts)
      d. Cutlass bearing (vibration or out of alignment)
      e. Cutlass bearing (spinning or stuck in)
      f. Other (please specify)
      (8) Sail Drive
      a. Failure will not drive
      b. Failure will not come out of drive
      c. Difficult to engage
      d. Difficult to disengage
      e. Dog clutch or drive plate failed
      f. Bearing failure (loud grumble when in gear)
      g. Seal failure (water in oil)
      h. Bellows gasket failed
      i. Bellows gasket leaking
      j. Prop cush drive failure (bonded rubber fails and prop comes off or causes excessive vibration)
      k. Oil leaks
      l. Other (Please specify)
      (9) Batteries and Electrical
      a. Mains breaker fails or keeps shutting off
      b. Main board polarity light flashing or on constantly
      c. Charger fails (stops charging)
      d. Charger fails (over charging)
      e. Alternator fails (not charging)
      f. Alternator (overcharging)
      g. Batteries not holding charge (go flat in short time on low loads)
      h. Battery low voltage (less than 11 volt)
      i. Fridge not cooling
      j. Fridge over cooling (constantly ices up)
      k. Fridge temperature not constant
      l. Fridge thermostat (fail)
      m. Water Pump (cycles) when not in use
      n. Water pump fails (electrical not leaking)
      o. Nav lights fail (other than bulb)
      p. Interior lights fail (other than bulb)
      q. Water tank level fails or shows empty when full
      r. Holding tank level shows empty when full
      s. Holding tank level shows full when empty
      t. Shower pump fails (other than leaking)
      u. Other (please specify)
      (10) Doors and Handles
      a. Cabin door handle will not lock
      b. Cabin door locked will not open
      c. Cabin door broken Handle (comes off)
      d. Cabin door hinges (fail)
      e. Cupboard door will not open (push catch)
      f. Cupboard door will not close or stay closed
      g. Cupboard door push catch comes undone or fails
      h. Cupboard door sprung hinge fails
      i. Draw lock will not open (push catch)
      j. Draw lock will not close (push catch)
      k. Draw lock push catch comes undone or fails
      l. Companion way door hinge fails (or seizes up)
      m. Companion way door lock fails (in locked or un-locked position)
      n. Wash board doors lock fails (or seizes up)
      o. Wash board doors lock fails (in locked or un-locked position)


        Hi Impavadis.

        Freebird of Largs, Bavaria 30C, 2007.

        9u (fuel shows empty when not empty.)

        Good luck!

        Chris – Freebird


          Hi Ant – as requested!
          1 j
          2 c d e i
          3 b c
          5 l (Angle of heel and speed through the water)
          9 i j p



            1o – leak from chain locker to forecabin

            Vela Bavaria 33 2007

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