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      I have a 2003 Bavaria 38. It has a holding tank fitted above the water line against the inside of the hull in a locker beside (forward of) the washbasin in the heads. We have had some problems with the holding tanks that have resulted in “spillage”.

      After the spillage, we washed the area down with copious quantities of soapy water for obvious reasons. We expected to extract the soapy water from the bilges. However, it does not end up in the bilge – there is no route when you inspect the bilge. Alarmingly, I could not see where the soapy water/spillage ended up. It disappeared at the foot of the locker that contains the holding tank.

      There is obviously a void below the floor of the heads/shower compartment as a drain is recessed in the floor and the shower water is extracted from this by means of an electric pump. The pump is located in the same compartment as the holding tank. A hose from the pump disappears into the underfloor void at the foot of the compartment. I have always assumed that this hose is coupled to the drain to suck out the water from the shower. The hose could, I suppose, lie loose in the void so that it extracts everything from the void. However, if this were so I would have expected the spillage etc. to bubble up through the drain. It does not.

      What I want to know is whether the pump drains the void and the shower and if not how to get rid of the spillage/soapy water without removing the shower compartment. Can any other owner of a Bavaria of that model and year enlighten me as to what the arrangement is in the concealed area beneath the floor or else point me at a web site that can? The official Bavaria site is designed to sell yachts not deal with problems.

      Robin Lamb



        Robin, This may not be much help but I had a similar problem in a chartered B39 and the spillage then definitely ended up in the bilges. Also the shower waste should be coupled directly to the pump. It must be going somewhere!

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