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      Sialing my newly acquired Bav 30 for the first time, and have encountered a problem – should there be an out pump for the heads/holding tank? And a macerator? All I can find under the sink is an outlet and inlet valve – at least I guess they are (outlet green handle, inlet smaller and red handle?) Opening the outlet valve does not release into the sea, anything pumped in still goes to the holding tank on pump out. ANy help gratefully received.



        Hi Chris, my 2007 Bav 30 had holding tank also, if you just pump out with valve open it goes straight through tanks and into the sea, if you close that valve it pumps into the tank as before, but stays put until you open valve. Simple, but be aware it can block very easily,i know!

        Dead easy to unblock, tape over the breather vent, pressurize with your inflatable foot pump,by putting it into pump out located on deck, you will need to make this seal airtight with something, i wrapped insulation tape around untill tight fit.Make sure valve below sink for toilet waste is OPEN, then Pump pressure up and bingo, the sea changes colour and alls well. Worked every time for me.

        good luck Ray.

        anything else i can help with on Bav30 let me know.


          Hi Ray,

          Thank you: worked like a dream! Into open water, insulating tape and rubber glove for seal, and bingo! Never had a holding tank before, so was quite worried.

          BTW, when conneccted to shore power, is the battery charger suppoosed to be quite noisy? I’m not used to inbuilt chargers: used to use an Optimate on my previous boat, which was, of course, totally silent!

          Thanks again,



            noisy charger, and the fridge running at same time is even worse, but great yachts all the same and good choice of first yacht.

            rgds Ray


              hi Chris, if you need any further info help with Bav 30, my home tell 01249 444040 avail tonight Friday, then away for couple weeks, mobile 07931 736 582 rgds Ray

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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