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      Just aft of my saildrive on my 2008 Bavaria 40 Cruiser there is a bolt protruding from the hull (see photo attached). Does anyone know what this is? Perhaps the attach point for an anode that has been completely eroded? Ideas?


        I’d say 99% an anode point… see pic of CaSam below



          Many thanks. That’s what I thought.


            Hi Patrick,

            My Bavaria 40 has two bolts in that location, with a pear anode attached.

            BTW, what do you paint your Volvo folding prop with? I have the same prop, but just keep it smooth and polished. I do get some minor barnacle growth and I’ve been considering painting it.

            I have a Stripper fitted too, which I have found very useful for lobster pots!



              Yes that is definitely for a doughnut anode – I replace mine every year.
              I paint my saildrive and prop with International Trilux – that is suitable for aluminium components such as the saildrive and seems to suit my prop.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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