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      I have a Bavaria 36 and I want to get a third reef added to my main sail. I would welcome recomendations as to where to take the sail to have it altered. The boat is in the Solent so somewhere local would be preferable.


        Hi Amarone

        I’ve always dealt with Kemp Sails who I’ve found helpful and efficient. If you contact Calibra Sails at Deacon’s Boatyard in Burseldon they can arrange carriage of your sail to Kemp’s sail loft in Wareham where the work is done. Alternatively, Arun Sails in Delling Road. Bosham, are also very good as are CJ Marine in Fishbourne. Hope this helps.

        Ian Culley, Commodore.


          Hi Amarone,

          You may be interested that some time ago i placed a post on how to fit a third reef to the mainsail of my B34 with all reefing lines back to the cockpit. You are probably aware that the third reef cannot be incorporated within the single line system within a boom due to the length of reefing line required to draw the main down to the third reef position.

          if you are interested and fail to find my previous post, which will have been several years ago please get in touch and i will compile again.

          Ours has been in use for 5 years and works. we never have to leave the security of the cockpit in a blow.


          alan & Sheila

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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