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      I have a 2003 Bavaria 36 with in mast furling. Both the mainsail and foresail halyards are tied off at the mast which means it is very awkward to adjust the tension since there is no winch on the mast. I’m thinking of getting the halyards lead back into the cockpit so that I can adjust them depending on conditions. Does anyone have any advice on this arrangement?


        Is it not as simple as running the halyard down to the base of the mast, round a block, through a deck organiser and back into a jammer on the coach roof?


          We have a 2001 34 with in mast furling with hammers on the mast.
          This makes it easy to adjust tension using coach roof winches


            Should have been jammers on the mast


              I tighten up the halyards using an additional block attached to the base plate at the bottom of the mast and then back to a winch – if needed. I don’t bother adjusting them whilst sailing as it’s not worth the bother to go 1% faster! I just make sure they are adjusted before sailing based on what the sails looked like last time out.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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