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      Happy New Year to all BOA members. I hope you all have a good 2009 season.

      One of the items on my “winter to do” list is replacing the normal bulbs in the interior lights on by 2000 B31 with LEDs. This was prompted by an article in a previous (2007 or 2008) BOA Magazine on this subject. Unfortunately I can’t find the magazine (it may have been a casualty of the pre-xmas tidy-up!) so I don’t have a note of the part number and supplier. From memory, I believe these were direct plug-in replacements with 6 small LEDs in each unit.

      If any of you (more organised than I am) chaps still have the magazine, or a note of the LED details, could you please let me know.





        The artical was in the Autumn 2007 issue. They are a direct plug in replacement and they were obtained from ‘Ultraleds’ via the web and they have six leds per unit.

        Regards, Keith & Carole.

        Wave Dancer


          Keith & Carole,

          Thanks very much. I’ll get them ordered up. My family will be pleased now that I can stop nagging them about having too many lights on when at anchor!



            I would like to order some of these LED’s to replace the halogen bulbs in the cabin lights in my 2003 Bavaria 32.
            I have been on to the Ultraleds web site, but I am not sure which unit it is that fits our lamps. The most likely candidate looks like G4 AC/DC 6 Led Cool White Led Bulb 8v-16v 1.3W=13W [UG46CWAC].
            Does anyone know if that is the right unit?


              I can’t find the paperwork I got with mine, but that sounds familiar. I chose the “warm white” ones for the saloon, as I think they give off a nicer light for sitting in. They’re easy to fit and I’ve had no problems with mine. I did find that I needed to keep the original bulb above the chart table, to give a bright enough light to read the charts easily.



                Thanks for the advice Alastair, I will order them today.


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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