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      Is anyone aware of a ‘common’ issue with Bavaria keels? We have a shared 2005 Bavaria 36 (deep keel) which suffered a grounding earlier in the year. On lift out the boat yard have reported lateral movement of the keel. The insurance company surveyor is of the view that this isn’t as a result of the grounding but is due to some delamination in the area where the keel is attached to the hull due to inadequate design or manufacture. He is of the view that this is a ‘typical problem with Bavarias’. There seems to be no firm information to support this view and we intend to instruct our own surveyor.

      Any information would be gratefully received.


      There are no known issues with that model of boat.


        Unfortunately, any issues that end up in dispute between Bavaria or their UK distributor Clipper Marine in regard to keels usually end up with the solicitors insisting on a confidentiality agreement being signed to settle, so you will never know……………..

        However, you may want to contact: tim.reynolds@verisonalaw.com He has first hand experience. He is RYA approved. Do a no win no fee deal with him and limit the expenditure to known deliverables. If you have the time do a good google search on the subject matter there is info out there.



          Thank you for your replies. We’ve appointed our own surveyor and we’re now awaiting the decision of our insurers..


            As a postscript to this topic, we reached an agreement with our insurers that resulted in the repairs being funded by them with ‘improvement/strengthening’ at our cost. This resulted in the total boatyard costs being split equally between the insurers and us, but only after over 3 months of negotiations before the rectification work commenced.

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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