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      Whilst sailing on the west coast of Scotland I came across a 36 ashore with no keel. On inspection and after discussion with the yard owner it transpired that the boat had hit rocks at a substantial speed. The interesting thing was that the keel did not come off.

      The rear top corner of the keel had been forced into the hull causing some damage and water leaks but the keel was still in place and the hull structurally sound. There were however substantial cracks about a foot from the keel down each side ie the frame inside supporting the keel had moved cracking the hull. I understand that there was substantial damage to the cabin sole and furniture, but the reassuring thing was the boat still had the keel and did not sink.

      I chose the Bavaria 37 after looking at the gross weight and comparing it with the competitor yachts. The Bavaria was half a ton heavier. Not good for racing but it gave me more confidence that the boat was more solid. The Bavaria was also A rated against the B rating for many competitor yachts.

      Recently been thru a gale in the east solent and a 7 tacking around Ardnamurchan point in Scotland. The boat sailed well and I am now confident in its ability.



        Wait until you have had a knockdown to 100 plus degrees and the boat comes back up within 15 seconds!
        It does wonders to give you total confidence in the boat.
        Also reminds you that it is a huge benefit to leave the companionway hatch in otherwise things get a bit damp down below.
        Mind you the kids loved it and thought we were on a log fume!
        And all that in a Bav 36 with a shallow fin keel.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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