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      We would like to mount a laptop at the chart table of our B32 for use with SOB and other software. Has anyone got a good mounting solution they would like to share?



        We purchased a nice device from Maptech. Have a look at http://www.memory-map.co.uk/acatalog/laptop_mounting_accesories.html

        Nice system.




          We bought a 12V 21″ TV/Monitor and connected it to a swing arm adjustable support (the bracket is fixed behind the vertical cushions just forward of the nav station). We can then stow the laptop away somewhere dry and secure (with a 12V power feed). From the laptop we then connect a VGA cable to the monitor and a mouse lead to the chart table. If you’re running a GPS, then this connects to the PC port.

          It also means we can use the turn the monitor around and use it as a TV at harbour and watch DVDs on longer passages!

          If it’s sunny and calm conditions, then we just leave the laptop on the chart table, secured with a bit of shock cord. But when it gets wet and/or bouncy, we stow it away. Having wrecked a laptop already after a tiny amount of seawater crept in from wet hands on the keyboard and screen, it seems a sensible solution. That said, you can buy very cheap remote keyboard (or splashproof protector) if you need to use the keyboard .

          Hope this helps

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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