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      I have read several posts regarding leaks from pipework joining the Calorifier and recommendations to fit temperature control valve etc.
      We noticed that we were losing a small amount of engine coolant and traced the leak to the connection between the rubber pipework from the engine to the calorifier. The leak was between the calorifier itself and the brass fitting which connects it to the rubber hose from the engine. This fitting is a16mm straight hose connector from a 1/2inch BSP female thread, which was screwed onto the 1/2inch stainless steel male thread from the calorifier. When we removed this fitting, we discovered that it was cracked in four places. Further investigation showed that Bavaria have used the wrong fitting as the calorifier male connector is machined to take an olive. The fitting they used had been sealed using a soft sealant and the thread was tapered. We suspect that to get the fitting tight enough to seal they had forced it on under so much strain that it cracked.

      We have now found the correct fittings from a company http://www.asap-supplies.com. They are listed as part of a conversion kit, in the calorifier section. This company has many of the parts found on our B34 and i was most impressed with the service and reasonable price paid for the fittings. They also supplied me with the Sureflow strainers that fit to the water system, pressure pump.

      Whilst i do not think that these joints will fail suddenly, ours leaked bad enough to require regular topping up and if it had gone undetected could have resulted in the engine overheating at an inconvenient moment. I would recommend that you check your connections to the calorifier and fit the correct fittings at some convenient time.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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