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      I have just bought a 2006 Bav 33 Cruiser and am delighted with her. My question is when I leave her in the marina on shore power should I turn all the electrics off at the switches below the nav table, if so will this still trickle charge the batteries?

      Also, should I turn off all the sea Cocks?


      My advice would be to not leave it plugged in.

      If you want to keep the batteries topped-up, get a solar panel.


        I have a Bavaria 33 (2006/7) and always leave shore power connected and the service battery charging and have had no ill effects. I need shore power over the winter for the dehumidifier in any case.
        I leave the green light on the panel on to make sure the battery charges but I suspect it may charge with everything off if you do not turn the battery off at the master switch. Someone would need to confirm this.
        I also do not close the seacocks, but I admit that there is a small risk not doing this. It does mean I don’t forget to open the engine seacock though 🙂 Note that the sink drain seacocks exit above the waterline.


          I’m with Bob on this one and always unplug the shore power when I leave CaSam.
          The first winter i left her plugged in my anodes “dissapeared” within months….not sure if this was me or simply a surrounding boat but since then I have never had a problem!
          I also close all seacocks below the water line from a safety point of view, although i have heard stories of above water line outlets that have been left open being used for flying insect nesting!


            I need to have mains connected through the winter to run the dehumidifier but I have fitted a switch to allow the mains to the battery charger to be turned off when I am not onboard and I also turn off the services from the service battery removing the key switch so there is no load on the battery. The battery will maintain it’s charge for many months like that. The battery charger should draw almost no load from the battery.
            I also have a NASA BM1 battery monitor so I can see that when I turn on the battery charger it takes only minutes to bring the battery up to full charge.


              Interesting discussion. I’ve always left the shore power connected to my B32 ‘Another Fantasy’, both to keep the batteries fully charged and to run a dehumidifier and heater in the winter. The boat was berthed in Chichester marina for some eleven years but since 2013 it’s been based at Universal on the Hamble. (Great marina, by the way). Throughout its life I’ve always been a bit concerned at the rate of erosion of the anodes: saildrive and Autoprop propeller. By the end of each season both anodes were always pretty well ‘shot’. I discussed this with the yachtcare manager at Universal, who suggested fitting a galvanic isolator. I did this last season and the results have been dramatic; last winter’s lift-out revealed hardly any erosion on either anode, just enough to confirm that they were working properly. No sign of pitting or any other problems on saildrive or propeller. The boat has also had a conventional hull anode throughout its life, the erosion on this was also noticeably less.

              Ian Culley



                I’ve always left Artemis on shore power winter and summer I work away from UK so it keeps the batteries topped up and in the winter I have a tube heater which is on 24/7



                  @another fantasy
                  Please can you tell me which you fitted. I also have a B32 and I have not had problems with my anode, which has been four years before I needed to replace. However, just had copper coat done on hull and I am told that may increase level of degradation on anode. I asked on boatyard and they did suggest I should check with Volvo, although more than likely they would be non-committal.

                  I have seen these galvanic isolators you just connect to your shore power line, which would be ideal, but not sure how safe those are – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B073TYR1RF/?coliid=I3AP6GBSWD8LX3&colid=1O4O26J88A4WE&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it


                    Hello JRF445B….

                    I’ve never seen a galvanic isolator like the one you ‘linked’ in your post so can’t pass any opinion on how safe they are or how well they work. The isolator I fitted was bought from Force 4 in Chichester but they’re sold in most good chandlers, mine cost about £75 as I recall. Not too difficult to fit, either.

                    Hope this helps


                    Ian C

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