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      I would like to change the Cabin light bulbs in our Bav36 (2002) to LED so as to reduce the amount of electricity drawn from the batteries.

      Unfortunately, the yacht is in Greece and I would like to get these before we go out in May. Can anyone be so kind as to tell me:-

      1. What size the Cabin light bulbs are eg. wattage, Bayonet/screw fitting?
      2. If someone has already done this what bulbs did you use and where did you get them from?



        Good evening,

        A previous post about LED’s suggests that these fit:

        From the Ultraleds web site, G4 AC/DC 6 Led Cool White Led Bulb 8v-16v 1.3W=13W [UG46CWAC] HERE

        Other comments suggest buying the warm white bulbs for the saloon as they are a nicer light and also mention keeping the original bulb over the chart table.

        I can’t confirm these are the right ones but as no-one has corrected the original poster I can only conclude they are OK.



          Thanks Hunros,

          The ones you suggest look as thought they will do the job, so will buy a few and see how we get on.

          Thanks for your help


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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