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      I am the owner of the above which is kept at Split in Croatia and has been since purchase new in 2002.
      Croatia is about to become part of the EU and will be applying 25% VAT to all boats that are foreign registered which were non-vat paid when originally imported into Croatia. As a concession and probably to make sure all foreign vessels do not leave for Turkey or elsewhere outside the EU where VT will not be applied, the authorities in Croatia are offering foreign reg’d boats the opportunity before 31 May 2013 of re-registering in Croatia, and paying the reduced rate of 5% VAT on the current value. This is an attractive offer and I am minded to pursue this before 31 May.

      The re-registration process and fees payable are governed by the length of the boat. If the boat is 12 metres or below the procedure is much simplified and very much cheaper.The Builder Certificate I received from Bavaria Yachts GmbH on purchase confirms that the length of the boat is 11.99 metres. However I have for some years believed the boat to be 12.3 or 12.48 metres depending on which piece of paper you are referring to. Indeed our registration with the Small Ship’s Register details the LOA as 12.48 metres. I only became the owner in 2003 so had no dealings with original reg’n and have not really referred to the Builder Certificate previously. We have an annual berthing contract in Split where the LOA is recorded as 12.48 metres and we have paid harbour dues elsewhere for a boat this length.

      I should like to rely on the Builder Certificate for purposes of re-reg’n in Croatia. Is there any where I can obtain further confirmation that the Builder Cert is correct. How did Bavaria measure the boat to arrive at 11.99 metres if this is not the LOA.



        I’m not sure if I can help a lot but mine measures 12.25mtrs when the marina are calculting the mooring fee and they measure from tip of anchor to anything hanging off the stern if it overhangs the suger scoop. I’m wondering if 11.99mtr may be the hull length exclusive of any fittings.

        I will check my Certificate and also try and measure next time i’m onboard.




          Since posting my query I have done a little more research and found a very useful set of diagrams showing how to measure overall length. Go to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency website below for full particulars

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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