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      We are about to take delivery of a B37 and the first job will be to fit the lifelines. How have you all done this, and do you have any advice (not keen on drilling holes).

      Richard and Jane ”Choupette””


        If you mean Jackstays, I had some webbing ones made with very strong loops sewn in the ends. I then attached the loops to the upright of the cleats with bow shackles. These have passed coding and Rya inspections for the past 6 years now.

        Mine were made by Jimmy Green marine, but they should be widely available from sailmakers/marine upholsterers.

        Regards Graham


          i have had factory fitted jackstays apart from finishing 4 ft short of the bow they have leaked in the forward cabin so going to put on webbing jackstays full length of the boat outside of the rigging.
          choupetta how are you getting on with new boat.


            Thanks for your replies, we had webbing shackeld to the cleats on our previous boat and plan to do the same on this one so pleased to hear that this will be possible (it is hard t remember what the cleats are like when you haven’t seen the boat for a few weeks and we forgot to look last time we visited).
            Not yet taken delivery of “Choupette”, it is planned for 1st March so we are now all very very excited! Will keep you informed how we get on.

            Jane “Choupette”


              Choupette, as it’s the first of March today, do you have a big smile on your face. We had one a year ago this time.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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