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      I am a syndicate member sailing a 5 year old Bavaria 37 in general good health. There is a school of thought in the syndicate that advocates lifting her out for3 months a year, which would severely curtail Winter sailing.

      What is the view of other owners as to the upsides (if any) of lifting out and cradling for the 3 Winter months?


        Hi Toy Box

        In Australia yachts are in the water all year with no ill effects. Of course we do not have the English winter and I am not sure if your question is related to lifting out to escape the cold.



          I have also heard that it is a reasonable idea to lift the boat out for a period. I beleive that this allows the hull to dry out. If the hull is in the water full time then a tiny amount of osmosis will take place increasing the moisture content of the hull and maybe also increasing the hull weight slightly, so allowing it to dry out should be beneficial. I have seen no figures as to wether or not this reduces the incidence of osmosis or what effect it has on the weight so you should make your own judbement on how valid these views are.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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