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      Every day that i use my Volvo 2030 engine i have to top up the coolant in the heat exchanger, but only by less than 400 millilitres to cover the tube that carries the raw seawater, yet the engine never overheats, so i presume the coolant must be evaporating as no leaks have been found, but other people i have the spoken to say their coolant level stays allmost constant, so can anyone throw any light on my problem

      Ed Holmes


      You have a leak.

      It could be:- leaking into the engine (blown head gasket?), or leaking into the raw water (heat exchanger). Or it could be expanding past the cap seal and dripping out through the overflow pipe.

      First things to check are the header tank cap and seal, and the heat exchanger connections and seals. Next check is to top it up and start the engine with the cap off. If you get bubbles coming up through the coolant, you probably have a head gasket failure.

      I went through all of this (ended-up having the head off, pressure testing the heat exchanger, the lot). Turned out to be the seal under the header tank cap, which cost £4. So do the easy and chap things first.

      Where are you? If you are Solent-based, let me know and I’d be happy to come and have a quick squint at it for you.



        Hi Bob

        Had a look at all the hoses around the heat exchanger today, and as i tried to tighten the jubilee clip on the hose from the heat exchanger to the circulation pump, the connecting pipe came away from the circulation pump, so leak found, but beats me what was holding it in place, but thanks for the advice. Have ordered a new circulation pump housing which hopefully will cure my problem.

        Ed Holmes


        Cool beans.

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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