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      The 19 hp Volvo Penta has lost power and will not rev over 1500 revs in gear and 2000 revs in neutral. There has been a steady loss of power over a period of a couple of months but it suddenly dropped to the current level.
      The propeller is perfectly clean, the injectors have been serviced. It appears that the compression is down and the next step is to take the head off and looked for excessive carbon deposits.

      Has anybody had similar problems.

      Greg Lane


        Just an idea,
        Have you checked your fuel filters? If your power loss has been over a period of time it could be a blockage somewhere in your fuel system. Before you embark on haed removals check out the supply of fuel to the engine and from the engine driven lift pump to the injector pump – you might find find something there?
        If you have taken compression pressures, are all of the units – cylinders down?
        I am not familiar with a 19 hp Volvo is it a single cylinder engine?

        Carbon deposits should not cause your symptoms unless they are blocking exhaust or inlet valves.

        Look at the fuel system first.



          Thanks Graham

          The engine is the VP 2020-C installed in June 2000 and has about 700 hours on the meter. Yesterday I removed the exhaust pipe and it was surprisingly clean. No lumps of carbon as I was expecting. The manifold was clear as far as I could feel. Found the Volvo Penta wet exhauste muffler was corroding badly but that is another story. Replaced it with a plastic one.

          Compression is down a bit more on one cylinder than the other two but there is also what sounds lke a noisy valve.

          After having a good look around the motor yesterday I was coming to the conclusion that it must be fuel so I will now go down that path thanks to your confirmation.

          However the engine seems to have developed a leak of oil and water from behind the impeller housing apparently where the bearing is. Never one thing at a time.

          Thanks again, let me know if you have any other thoughts and I will let you know what else I find.



            hi tanami
            had the same problem on my b34 leak behind impeller housing
            this year was told at the time i neaded new impellar housing loads of money but after some research found there is a oil seal behind the impellar that can be replaced a bit fiddely to get out and only a few pence to buy it did the trick hope that solves one problem. sorry cant help on the main one you could try running a temporary new fuel supply bypassing the filters to see if the problem is there.
            john and angela


              If you have a noisy valve – the tappet clearence could out of adjustment. Check your tappet clearences on both the inlet and exhaust valves. If the engine is a push rod engine this is relatively easy – check your manual – if the engine have an overhead camshaft, this can be a little more complicated. Sometimes valves become stuck. A sharp blow with a blunt instrument – hammer – can do the trick. If the vlaves are not seating properly and leaking – this can cause your loss of power.

              It’s a case of elimination.

              Hope this helps.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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