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      I have a 2005 bavaria 36 and intend to fit wind instruments and a tv arial the mast is down but there does not seem to be any space in the conduit that takes the existing wiring to the lights.
      Has anyone fitted additinal equipment and where did you run the wiring?

      Thanks Keith, Wave Dancer.



        Just a thought, have you checked the wiring diagram for the mast, it maybe that when the cable was installed Bavaria already made provision for mast mounted wind instruments, Tri colours, etc. Certainly on Hunros there is an amount of factory fitted cabling for use with optional extras.

        As for the TV aerial I can’t offer any help except to say that we get digital TV channels with an internal aerial so have never felt the need to fit an external mast mounted one.

        Kind regards




          While thinking further about your question I found the following web page which offers links to instructions for running cables in Selden masts, hope it helps.





            Many thanks for your sugestions I will have a good look for spare cables and check out the web site. Our indoor arial does not work well round these parts, a full size house arial with a signal booster does, we just look daft though.

            Thanks again, Keith.


              I have recently fitted wind instrument to the top of the mast on my B34- 2000 and there was plenty of room in the second conduit in the mast. There was no spare wiring.

              I was lucky though in that I was about to take Tanami on a long cruise to the Whitsundays and as she was eight years old I was advised to have the running rigging renewed. As a result while the mast was lying down I was able to push the wires through with a length of rigging wire.

              The best part though that the masthead was a shambles of aluminium rivets and brackets for the antenna and wind indicator. While the mast was down I was able to tap all the fittings so they can be easily unbolted. It would have been impossible to do it up the mast ( I would have dropped half my tools as well).




                Many thanks, I think the conduit is different as there is only one in my mast but there is room all I need now is the rigging wire to push through the cable.

                Regards, Keith & Carole.

                Wave Dancer


                  Hi Keith

                  Its Johnny cochran from Clippermarine, The best thing to do is Pull the Vhf areail back out with a string attched to it, then attched the new cables to it and pull them back down there is plenty of room in a bav 36 mast. I have done it many times just make sure you attched the string properly.




                    Many thanks for this in the end I used some old rigging wire that worked well with some WD40 on. I have another problem that really is getting the better of me at the moment. I keep finding water in the bilge by the sink. I have isolated this to the aft tank as if that’s empty and we run on the forward tank we have no problem. there does not appear to be any leaks from the joints. the water is in the web and runs into the bilge via the limber hole. How does it get into the web? I have lots of good advice from other owners and checked out all of these from shower head leaks to the pump leaks etc.

                    It does this when we are away from the boat and the pump is off so it must be the head of water in the aft tank driving the leak. I have kitchen role all over the boat to try and find the leak but so far these are all dry. Any ideas from Clippermarine would be welcome.

                    Thanks, Keith & Carole Wave Dancer



                      I have an intermittent leak in the pressure pump that i am still working on. Failing that, don’t forget the staunchions. Leaks from the stauchion bolts seem to go all over the place.

                      Tanami B34

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